I want to buy a book, a book that I’ve never heard of, never read. Look at the cover, read the back, flip through the pages. Bring it home. Grab a highlighter, and begin to read the book. Every time there is a sentence, a word, a phrase that I can relate to, I will highlight it. Then, once I am done the book, I will be able to flip through it and see exactly how I was feeling each day that I was reading. It would be like a diary, but written in someone else’s words

Woah, this is an awesome idea.

holy shit i forgot about when i wrote this post

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So I found this picture and I forgot how much I adored it

Aw my face has 2k notes ^_^ Of course thanks to your perfect photography

you will most likely(definitely) find me stuffing my pockets with flowers, #floralfeast
I should have kissed you longer.
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Arctic monkeys